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Arberid i høyde ,person som jobber på tak
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Work at height


Training is required to use fall protection systems properly. The employer has a duty to provide such training in accordance with The Working Environment Act. Many accidents result in serious injuries due to improper use of the equipment. The user of the equipment lacks the necessary training and does not know the manufacturer's limitations of the equipment. This course provides users with thorough training in various fall protection systems and the limitations set by manufacturers. This really is a course several should complete.

The following topics are covered:


  • Accidents that have happened

  • Current regulations

  • Fall safety belts, dampers, fall blocks, hooks

  • Clearance height

  • Sliding systems

  • Use of ladders

  • Control locks

  • Rescue and evacuation

  • Inspection and maintenance

  • Safety rules for work at height

  • Work in scaffolding

  • Work on roofs


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