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Updated: March 11, 2020
ALL participants in our open and customized theory courses can follow and participate in teaching via video link on PC, board or mobile.


MTK School offers certified training for cranes, mass moving machines and trucks, for documented training such as personal lifts, fall protection, hot work, hazardous small tools, HSE etc. approved and certified by NEMKO and NOORSI.


The MTK school is located in Holmestrand, Vestfold (with branches in Porsgrunn and Oslo (Asker). We are centrally located, you have the opportunity to reach us by plane, boat, train and car. The school is located on the mountains of Holmestrand and we have an exercise area close to over 400m2.

We also offer a machine practically at a separate workshop near the school. Here you can see the machines and the area we are running on.


MTK School offers courses in both documented training and certified safety training. The course is adapted to your needs and learning speed. We are flexible according to your wishes.


We have a strong focus on the training being of the same qualities whether it is certified or documented training. Requirements for this type of training can be found in the regulations on the execution of work §10.2;
“Anyone who is going to use work equipment as mentioned in §10-1 and §10-3 shall have practical and theoretical training that provides knowledge of structure, operation, operating characteristics and application area, as well as maintenance and control. The training shall provide knowledge of the requirements for safe use and operation in regulations and instructions. Documentation shall be issued that practical and theoretical training is provided in accordance with regulations. "









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