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Hot Workers - Online Course

Hot Workers - Online Course


the one-off course is flexible and practical - and gives you the opportunity to take the course in a way that suits you.


The course is required for everyone who will work with hot works. The course gives you a basic understanding of the laws and regulations that apply to those who must do hot work. It deals with risk assessment of the works, what are the dangers of different equipment and at different workplaces. A review of safety measures to minimize risk will be given, as well as the procedure for extinguishing a fire.



  • The certification scheme
  • Current regulations
  • Fire and extinguishing theory
  • Behavior in case of fire
  • Risk
  • Hazards of equipment and workplace
  • Hazards when using gas
  • First aid

The online course is flexible and practical - and gives you the opportunity to take the course in a way that suits you. You are welcome to divide the course into several parts, so that this suits your situation best.

To receive a certificate of competence, the following must be approved


The theoretical exam is passed in the course
Documentation of extinguishing exercises must be submitted, no later than three months after completing the course.

Course length: ~3-4 hours


The price includes a digital textbook, workbook and certificate in the app.

Our course in hot work is approved by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association and updated according to to new safety regulations 2020.


You will receive a digital certificate from the Norwegian Fire Protection Association upon completion. The certificate you are issued is valid for 5 years.


Please note that your hot work certificates must be issued by the Norwegian Fire Protection Association in their BVis app. You must download the app (or ensure it is updated) and log in with the phone number you used in registration. Make sure there are no spaces in the phone number when using it as a username in the app. Press "reset password" and you will be redirected to a link where you can set your own password.

Important: Telephone numbers outside Norway must include the country code.




After completing the course, practical extinguishing exercises must be documented. Documentation of completed extinguishing exercises must be received within 3 months of completion of the course. Extinguishing exercises can also be taken at our premises in Tønsberg

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