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Scaffolding construction course

The course will give the student a good theoretical introduction to safe use and installation of scaffolding.

The following topics are covered:

• Responsibility - responsibilities.
• Laws and regulations - The Working Environment Act, requirements for systematic HSE
• Regulations - regulations on the performance of work / Work at height
• Scaffolding theory - structure / concepts.
• General when installing scaffolding.
Use of fall protection equipment when building scaffolding.
• Construction and dismantling of several types of scaffolding.
• Use of scaffolding.
• Scaffolding control.
• Theoretical training in the use of fall protection.
• Checking of scaffolding equipment.
• Documentation.
• 15 hours of practical training by a competent person.


The course ends with a written exam. Upon passing the exam and documented practice, each of the participants receives a certificate for classes of personal lifts they have practice for.

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