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Truck driver course

Training is profitable!

The Working Environment Act requires truck drivers to take truck driver courses with theoretical and practical training. Education pays off, as trained truck drivers reduce the risk of injuries and accidents to people, goods and buildings. In addition, employees with truck driver's licenses are more productive.

Who is our truck driver course suitable for?

Everyone who drives a truck must have truck driver training, including temporary staff, maintenance personnel and supervisors.

What do we want to achieve with our truck driver courses?

The purpose of the training is to provide the truck driver with a good theoretical and practical basic training in the safe use of trucks, so that accidents in connection with truck driving are avoided.
The training gives the candidates good insight into the principles of truckers' construction, operation, maintenance and use


  • Module 1.1 Common part, Crane-Truck-Machine

  • Module 2.2 Theoretical training, Lifting and stacking trolleys for freight trucks

  • Module 3.2 Basic practical training, truck

Work equipment subject to requirements for certified safety training.

Lifting and stacking trolleys for goods with permanent driver's seat on the trolley.

Regulations on the performance of work, use of work equipment and associated technical requirements. 1357. Order No. 703 Chapter 10 - § 10.3


Course certificates are issued upon passing the course.
Certificates of competence on trucks are issued from the central register for safety training after driving up at MTK School on relevant truck types.


Simulator training:

In addition to driving on ordinary machines, all students who take courses via us will have the opportunity to practice on our simulator. The machine has exercise tasks that make your training so realistic that it feels like driving a truck.


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