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volvo maskin i drift
mtk skolens maskin som jobber

søkeord:kurs na koparke-maskinfører bevis-maskinførerbevis-dumper-maskinførerkurs pris-

maskinførerbevis pris-maskinførerbevis klasser-uprawnienia na koparki-maskinførerbevis gravemaskin-traktorgraverkurs-truckførerbevis t1-t4 pris--anleggsmaskin-anleggsmaskiner--e læring

e-læring-elæring-minidumper-ile kosztuje kurs na koparke-gravemaskin engelsk-maskinførere-ładowarka po angielsku-kurs bevis-

Mass transfer machines
Operator M1 to M6

M1 Doser
M2 Excavator
M3 Grader
M4 Wheel loader
M5 Backhoe loader
M6 Dumper
M20 Other machines


Requirements for the operator of mass transfer machines

  • Applications for the different machine types

  • Laws and regulations

  • Accidents with mass transfer machines

  • Construction of various mass transfer machines

  • Risk assessment

  • Safety measures before, during and after work

  • Inspection and maintenance


The course ends with a written exam. Upon passing the exam and documented practice, each of the participants receives a certificate for classes of mass transfer machines they have ridden in.

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