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teleskoptruck i arberid

Telescopic handlers
C1 & C2

The course will give the student a good theoretical introduction to the safe use of a truck as well as good insight into the principles of the telescopic truck's construction, operation, maintenance and use. The training is a continuation of the operator (class M), truck (T) or truck crane (G8). Passed theoretical and practical test will be the basis for issuing a certificate of competence for the driver of telescopic truck C1 - C2. The following topics are covered:


  • Requirements for truck drivers

  • Truck types and applications

  • Laws and regulations

  • Accidents with trucks

  • The truck's operation and construction

  • Stability

  • Safety measures before, during and after work

  • Inspection and maintenance

  • Certification and documentation

Admission requirements have previously been certified certification in mass transfer machines, trucks, or truck cranes. The course ends with a written exam. Upon passing the exam and documented practice, each of the participants receives a certificate of competence for the driver of a telescopic truck

Du kan også gjøre deg kjent med maskinen på vår simulator 

Teleskop truck i vår simulator -Mtk skolen teleskoptruck opplæring

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